Market Recap Week 35 – Is the Market is starting to pick up?

Hey everyone! 🌟 Hope everyone’s cruising through the week with a smile! 😊 Let’s dive straight into our weekly recap and see what’s been cooking in the real estate world. 🔥

**Market Insights Snapshot:**

 We’ve got a lot to unpack today, so buckle up! 🎒 Here’s the lowdown:

1. **State of the Market:** Things are buzzing with activity, especially in the detached and semi-detached categories. Multiple offers are starting to pick up, with some properties even attracting a whopping 27 offers! 🏠

2. **Bank of Canada Hold:** Rates are holding steady for now, which is both good and bad news. No immediate drop in rates, but hey, at least they didn’t climb, right? 📉

3. **Condo Concerns:** Condos are still taking their time on the market, but with more listings hitting the scene, opportunities are ripe for the picking! 🍒

4. **Looking Ahead:** While we’re all itching for a rate drop, it’s probably not happening until the summer—likely July. The economy’s still finding its groove, and we need a bit more oomph before those rates budge! 💪

**Weekly Area Highlights:**

– **Downtown & Surrounding Areas:** Listings are picking up, especially on the condo front. Prices are holding steady, signaling a balanced market ahead. 🏙️

– **Don Mills & Leaside:** Month-over-month inventory is down, indicating a quickening pace in sales. Prices for detached homes are on the rise, with steady demand driving the market. 📈

– **Durham Area:** Active listings are seeing a slight uptick, but sales remain consistent. Freehold listings are moving within two weeks, while condos are taking a bit longer. 🏡

Phew! That was a whirlwind of info, right? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just want to chat about your specific situation, we’re here for you! Feel free to schedule a chat. Let’s find the perfect fit for you in this ever-evolving market! 🤝

Thanks a ton for tuning in, folks!

                                                                                               WB- Week Before

Downtown & Surrounding areas 

Housing Average Price-$ 1,526,680   WB – 1,457,736

Active Listings – 423       WB-41

Sold firm –59      WB- 57

Month on inventory –  1.83        WB- 1.78

Average Days on Market-19      WB-18

Condo Ave Price-$837,011     WB- $805,366

Active listings-2202       WB- 2049

Sold firm-98     WB –97

Months of Inventory-4.06     WB – 3.78

Average days on market-25        WB-29

Don Mills Area-  

Housing Average Price- $2,022,40   WB – $1,579,376

Active Listings – 54    WB- 56

Sold firm –5       WB –9

Month of Inventory – 2.76     WB- 2.88

Average Days on Market- 12       WB- 8

Condo Ave Price- $692,500     WB – $664,000

Active listings- 76      WB – 75

Sold firm- 6     WB – 5

Months of Inventory – 2.81    WB- 2.81

Average days on market- 31      WB – 20

Leaside, Davisville, Mount Pleasant, Young & Eg 

Housing Average Price- $2,000,596     WB – $2,561,577

Active Listings – 84     WB-88

Sold firm – 19     WB- 13

Months of Inventory- 1.77        WB- 1.81

Average Days on Market- 15      WB – 8

Condo Ave Price- $815,467      WB- $737,720

Active listings-283    WB-290

Sold firm-12      WB-16

Month of Inventory-3.57      WB- 3.77

Average days on market- 23       WB – 21

Durham ( Pickering, Ajax, Whitby) 

Housing Average Price- $974,528    WB – $1,008,188

Active Listings – 1063    WB- 989

Sold firm – 138    WB – 175

Month of Inventory –1.62      WB- 1.53

Average Days on Market- 13      WB- 15

Condo Ave Price- $620,480     WB – $623,732

Active listings- 230      WB – 216

Sold firm-25     WB –23

Months of Inventory –2.08     WB- 1.95

Average days on market-23       WB – 24

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