Happy Client

“In September, 2014, I sold my house in Don Mills, Toronto and purchased a condo in the same area. I had lived in the house for 16 years, had done a number of upgrades, and was rather attached to the place. Time, however, does not stand still and the thrill of shovelling snow, raking leaves and weeding the garden was wearing off. After making the decision to sell, I had to decide on a real estate agent. This was not difficult.

I had initially met Elizabeth Compton in 2010 and 2013 at separate open houses. I was just thinking about selling at that time and was impressed with Elizabeth’s manner and honesty.

In August, 2014, I contacted Elizabeth and met with her the next week. Elizabeth explained how she worked and made it clear that her priority was me. My decision was to purchase a condo prior to putting my house up for sale. Elizabeth provided me with listings in my preferred area (Don Mills). I saw a number of condos and ended up purchasing on September 10.

Over the next weeks, Elizabeth’s team went into action: a pre-sale home inspection was done; a home staging professional visited my home and gave me valuable advice; exterior photographs were taken; and, a video and floor plan was done of my home. This was all completed at Elizabeth’s expense. My house had looked pretty good before the Team came in, but it was amazing afterwards. If I had not been selling, I would have bought it myself. My house went on the market on Tuesday, September 23 and offers were accepted on September 30. During that week, there was a Real Estate Agents’ Open House, two days of general Open Houses, and many, many viewings. The end result was 7 offers on my house and a sale price well over asking. In fact, I was amazed at the final sale price. The offers were made on the evening of September 30. Elizabeth and her son, Julian, were there, even though Elizabeth’s first grandchild had been born that morning around 3:00 a.m. This speaks to Elizabeth’s dedication and commitment to her clients, as well as her professionalism.

The process, which lasted from August to the closing date in early November, was stressful and emotional. Elizabeth and her team (TEAM COMPTON) helped reduce that stress. Elizabeth was able to respond to any concerns I had during and after my condo purchase and house sale. I would definitely use TEAM COMPTON again and have recommended them to family, friends and neighbours. Thank-you to TEAM COMPTON, plus: Jim, Susan, William and Bill.”


Louise & Deeter

Happy Client

“When we were searching for a real estate professional to help us sell our home in Don Mills this year, we interviewed several people. Liz Compton was certainly the most engaging and compelling agent we found, surpassing the others.

Her presentation was thorough and assuring. She handled the selling of the house with professionalism and, at the same time, a lot of good humor and kindness. She even put up with our crazy Golden Retriever at her office! Liz also offered us help on the other end, that is, the purchase of our new home. Although that was a private sale, and there would be no compensation for her, she was incredibly helpful with our questions and concerns. She didn’t have to do as much as she did for us. Having her in our corner was very reassuring.

We’d recommend Liz again anytime!”

Jane & David Wong

Happy Client

“We loved working with Liz!
She provides many great services that many agents neglect to include. She found us the perfect home for our needs. Liz is never pushy, but helped us discover what works best for our family. Patient. punctual, personable, and a super savvy when it comes getting you the best purchase or selling price – we couldn’t ask for more!”

Marianne Aitken

Happy Client

“Having lived in Don Mills or 53 years, when it came time to sell the family home I looked for a Real Estate Agent as familiar with this area as I was. I found this person in Elizabeth Compton who had grown up in the same quadrant. Elizabeth brought with her not only her excellent selling skills, but a true feeling for the area. This feeling came across I’m sure to the more that 55 people who visited my home and within a week my home was sold to a young family.

Elizabeth knowing my taste and preferences found me a perfect a condo which helped ease the transition from home to condo living. Elizabeth I thank you for your tact and negotiating skills and the class with which you handled yourself and my real estate needs.”

Janice Eichner

Happy Client

“After 22 years in our house, we were not only apprehensive about moving but inexperienced in the selling process. We approached Liz Compton on the basis of her successful sales record and great reputation in our neighbourhood and quickly realized we’d made an excellent choice. She loved our home, immediately identified its strengths and respected our limitations in terms of upgrades, timing, etc. Liz put together an appealing listing, recommended a talented stager, looked after the countless details that go into a winning transaction and priced the property in the perfect range. The result? Our house sold within eight days at just over the asking price in a difficult market.

Liz has all the characteristics of an outstanding salesperson – experience, empathy, sound business instincts and a warm personality. But what set her apart for us was the sense that she truly cared about ‘getting it right’ for us and for our neighbourhood, which is her home as well. We recommend her without reservation and will urge our many friends and former neighbours in the area to call her first if they’re thinking of selling.”

Sandy Johnson

Happy Client

“Liz used every marketing tool available to help my home sell fast. And sell, it did!

Within one week of a FOR Sale sign going on my lawn, it said SOLD.

I attribute this to Liz’s exceptional knowledge of the market and her solid, professional guidance. Liz paved the way for a successful and seamless transaction by providing me with a full suite of services to prepare my home for sale. I was delighted to get two offers and accepted the one that was exactly what I had hoped for. Liz made the whole process a pleasure!”

Craig Slama, PEng, PE

happy client

“We loved working with Liz!

She provides many great services that many agents neglect to include. She found us the perfect home for our needs. Liz is never pushy, but helped us discover what works best for our family. Patient. punctual, personable, and a super savvy when it comes getting you the best purchase or selling price – we couldn’t ask for more!

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value”

Craig Slama, PEng, PE

happy client

“On the buyer’s side, Liz is patient, willing to show as many properties as it takes to find the perfect home, balancing cost, location, size and features and then she gives the best advice on acquiring this property at the right price… or moving on one that fits even better.

On the seller’s side, Liz knows the best strategy to minimize the money spent and maximize the income earned on your property in a timely fashion.

Whether buyer or seller, Liz treats everyone with respect and understanding. She does what is best for her clients within their comfort levels and she doesn’t pressure the clients to buy quickly or buy too much house just so she can make a quicker or larger commission. She is always approachable, even several years after the purchase or sale of your property.

The best thing about Liz, however, is that she is just really nice and enjoyable to be around anytime, even when you aren’t selling or buying.”

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