Week 16: Halloween Edition

Welcome back, everyone! Today, on Halloween, I’m here dressed as The Rock (fanny pack included… somewhere) See YouTube video for proof 😉 Let’s dive into our weekly update.

Last week, the Bank of Canada held steady, which is a relief for many. The economic landscape, driven by factors like inflation, has been a rollercoaster ride. The next announcement is slated for December 6th, so there’s still uncertainty in the air.

For homeowners, the possibility of rates jumping from 2% to 5-6% looms, which could prompt some to consider selling. We’ve noticed a trend of investors listing their downtown condos, while freehold properties have a mix of investors and others.

In terms of market activity, freehold listings have seen some fluctuations, possibly due to the Bank of Canada announcement. We expect an uptick in the coming weeks.

Condo listings have remained relatively stable. Buyers seem to have more breathing room in this segment, but activity persists.

In specific areas like Don Mills, Leaside, Mount Pleasant, Young and Eglinton, and Durham, the market is holding steady, with slight increases in active listings.

For buyers, this could be a strategic time. Rates haven’t risen, allowing for careful consideration. We advise connecting with a mortgage broker to navigate the current stress test rates.

As we move forward, we’ll keep a close eye on market trends. Remember, we’re here to assist you in making informed decisions about your property endeavors.

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                                                                                               WB- Week Before

Downtown & Surrounding areas 

Housing Average Price-$ 1,429,306    WB – 1,534,821

Active Listings – 774      WB-793

Sold firm –60      WB- 54

Month on inventory – 3.36         WB- 3.44

Average Days on Market-17      WB-12


Condo Ave Price-$743,824     WB- $788,781

Active listings-2,843     WB- 2,841

Sold firm-61     WB –65

Months of Inventory- 5.39    WB – 5.39

Average days on market-20        WB-22

Don Mills Area-  

Housing Average Price- $1,480,000    WB – 1,485,000

Active Listings – 88    WB- 78

Sold firm – 2      WB – 3

Month of Inventory – 4.60     WB- 4.07

Average Days on Market- 25      WB- 14
Condo Ave Price- $621,000     WB – $582,000

Active listings- 97      WB – 95

Sold firm- 2     WB – 2

Months of Inventory – 3.69    WB- 3.62

Average days on market- 9      WB – 27

Leaside, Davisville, Mount Pleasant, Young & Eg 

Housing Average Price- $2,134,750     WB – $2,494,883

Active Listings – 174     WB-174

Sold firm – 10      WB- 6

Months of Inventory- 3.54        WB- 3.54

Average Days on Market- 9   WB – 17


Condo Ave Price- $647,300      WB- $691,400

Active listings-344    WB-340

Sold firm-10       WB-5

Month of Inventory- 4.46     WB- 4.40

Average days on market- 33       WB – 12

Durham ( Pickering, Ajax, Whitby) 

Housing Average Price- $943,780    WB – $955,686

Active Listings – 1,759    WB- 1,743

Sold firm – 102     WB – 104

Month of Inventory – 2.80     WB- 2.77

Average Days on Market- 15      WB- 16


Condo Ave Price- $667,993     WB – $688,273

Active listings- 295      WB – 283

Sold firm- 15     WB – 11

Months of Inventory – 2.74    WB- 2.63

Average days on market- 16      WB – 22

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